About us


GUTTO NATURAL TURKEY having over 20 years of Skincare, Haircare and Cosmetics expertise, in the year 2004 had started its own production in venture with the slogan of “Natural Beauty with Natural Products”. Gutto Natural presents its products to the consumers as a result of long & detailed R&D studies under the permission of Health Ministry of TURKEY. As a Body & Face skin care specialist, anti-aging, anti-acne, botox effect, whitening, ant egg oil creams are just a few of our product range. With ongoing R&D studies, Gutto Natural will continue to introduce special natural products to the Markets. Since the beginning of this new phase, Gutto Natural has enjoyed steady and amazing growth over the years offering natural products with proven results. Gutto Natural not only holds a dominant Domestic Market position in TURKEY but also having leading position in EUROPE, some products enjoying overall 80% brand awareness in all products.

Working with celebrities, sponsoring TV programs and serials, running ads in sector-related magazines & in TURKISH newspapers keeps Gutto Natural at Zenith. Gutto Natural is now aiming to extend its natural products benefits/advantages to rest of the world having the ultimate genuine respect to Human Health using what is natural and what comes from Nature.